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Piano lessons & Piano Teachers North London: Piano Tutor

Piano Lessons & Music Tuition| Studies

Piano-Tutor provides varied Piano Lessons and Music Tuition/Studies for children & Adults from beginner - post grade 8/diploma students to pursuit the highest level of performance or exams through appropriate repertoire and mastery of musically technical skills.

To prepare them becoming more effective performers, better listeners, and advocate of music, both in private and in public, besides developing the students' music awareness, improving their musicianship, and increasing their musical understanding.

All the piano lessons and music courses are individually tailored to suit the musical preferences and learning styles of each student.

Music Tuition:

- Piano Lessons (Classical, Pop Chord, Spiritual/Hymns, Creative   Accompanying)
- Exam Preparation (Associated Board, Trinity, Guildhall,  GCSE, A Level)
- Public Performance (Audition, Concert, Competition, Recital)
- Aural/ Ear Training
- Music Theory
- Music Composition
- Computer-based piano lessons (Coming Soon)

Methods of Instruction:

- Scale / Technique / Quick Studies
- Concert / Recital / Exam Pieces / Repertoire
- Sight-Reading ( Note / Intervallic / Chord Reading)
- Chord Strategies & Chord Progression
- Duet / Ensemble Playing
- Ear Training / Aural / Practical Musicianship (Analytical & Critical Response)
- Rhythm Training
- Practice Optimization
- Classical and Popular Repertoire
- Pop-Chord & Rock Styles
- Creative Keyboard Skills & Self Accompanying
- Music Creativity & Improvisation
- Music Theory (Awareness & Understanding)
- Music Arrangements & Composition
- Listen to fine Recordings

Teaching Resources:

- Music Computer & Software
- Video & Audio Cassettes / Recorders
- CD's / CD ROM
- FlashCards / Charts
- Music Activities & Games

* Teaching Supplemental Materials & Music Resources will be used when appropriate.

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