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Finchley Piano Teachers: North London

Sibu Piano Teacher: Malaysia

North London Finchley Piano Teacher: Lilin DingLilin

Lilin Ding holds Bachelor (Honour) of Music Degree in Piano Performance & Pedagogy from Oklahoma, US and has over 10 years of piano teaching experience in the USA, Malaysia and UK. She has spent her professional career with pianists of many ages and abilities.

She provides a fun and enjoyable learning environment while developing the students' music awareness. She brings her broad musical experience, improvisational skills and music technology skills to students here. She develops goal-setting, task- completion and problem-solving skills in her music piano teaching.

She said "it is important to help students integrate their growing musical knowledge to the art of piano performance and develop their appreciation and understanding of music."


North London Finchley Piano Teacher : Hei Leung

Hei Leung obtained ABRSM DIP in piano Performance since 2008. He also holds qualifications for piano and clarinet both at grade 8 standard at the ages of 12 and 15 respectively.

Since joining Piano-Tutor in 2005, he has extensive teaching experience and proven success, guiding children and adults of all ages in both performance and musical theory.

He is flexible in his approach and adjusts teaching style to suit students’ individual needs and aptitude. His main aim is to ensure students develop a good technique in piano playing and the ability to bring out the emotions of music


Malaysia Sibu Piano Teacher: Likea Sia LiKiea

Likea Sia received her Bachelor (Honour) of Music Degree in Piano from Taipei, Taiwan. She performs for both public and private functions with more than 20 years of piano experience in Taiwan and Malaysia. She has always been drawn to a piano teaching career because of her love for teaching music and her great affection for the piano playing and musical literature.

Her previous teaching music experience impact her teaching philosophy. Not only she examine carefully the steps required to understand and master a skill, but also she analyzes and find solutions to musical and technical problems at the piano a lot of patience with her students.

She said "While working with students, finding the process of searching solutions to musical problems and making improvement to technical problems are very challenging, interesting, and satisfying."

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